DJ Blue Night

DJ Blue Night


DJ Blue Night, aka Markus Bauer, was born at the 22th of october 1982 in Neuburg and is well known by many of private events and various discos, for example the Tanzhaus A9 in Lenting, the Club Gold Keller in Neuburg, the Take-Off in Ingolstadt and other various clubs in bavaria. The 32-year-old DJ already have a lot of experience around music and events for more than 15 years. In the first 3 years in his career he deejayed still with original CDs, which he is, if requested, practicing sometimes until today. Meanwhile he is ready for offering light- and sound-systems, karaoke and also event-planning. Another field of activity is the booking employment of gogo-dancers. With his style he is fascinating the audience, using his large repertoire of music styles, such as Latin / House, Summer-Music, BlackBeats, Electro and chart-music, which is extended by various remixes.

You can book DJ Blue Night not only for private birthdays, company- and private-celebrations, but also for various other occasions, such as for openairs or clubs or discotheques. And all that for a real fair price.



How did it happen that you became a DJ ?

DJ Blue Night: “It started like this: Even as a small boy music was a really cool thing for me. In the following I bought my first CDs and listened to them at home till the neighbours and the lessor complained. At the age of 17 I moved out from home and shared an appartment with some friends, that made a party every weekend. Someday I become a habitue at my former pub, that was called “Cafe Kurzschluss” in Neuburg. There I started with the first steps as a DJ. I also had a band with my sister and me, but this project existed only for one year. My part in our band was the drummer and the DJ. When I was 19 I started working at the “Cafe Kurzschluss” in Neuburg, where I even got own keys to organized my first parties, with me as a DJ. These small events gave me a good possibility to get more and more experience. This was more difficult than I expected, but I was not frustrated and deterred due to that, so I organized great parties every friday and saturday. One day DJ Partyface came to me and asked, if I want to dj at the Schrobenhausener Club “Luna”. Saying “no” was not an option for me at that moment. From this point I was, although it was a difficult fight so far, travelling around as an independent and professional DJ in my free-time. During this time all people called me “DJ Mark”. And then I adopted this name as the nickname.”

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