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It all started in august 2012, when the five brothers from Emsland David, Mike, Romeo, Ryan and Shane came together for preparing a cute serenade for her birthday. Ryan and David, who already had a lot of success with their hit single “Sexy Girl” (2nd place) in Bulgaria, realized very quickly, that all sounds very harmonious and well. And so the five brothers, who already collect many experiences as dance-act, started their project Mystery BrotherZ.

But how did the name Mystery BrotherZ arise ?
We decided on the name Mystery Brotherz, because we are five brothers and as such we always stand together, in all lifetime situations”. This is the answer they always give to this frequented question. The Z in their band name stands for the word Ziel (engl.: target), which has its own meaning … *Z*(Zukunft -) *I*(Identifikation) *E*(Emotion) *L*(Leidenschaft).

A few weeks later the Mystery BrotherZ came together with music manager Charly Hong, who supported them in planning their career, and released the song “No more” on the 11th of september 2012. That track was dedicated to the victims of 9-11. Within the first 24 hours their video already got 2.000 clicks on YouTube, a very impressive number for a YouTube-Newcomer. That was a great step for the Mystery BrotherZ in becoming very popular regionally. Seven more hits followed. In february 2013 they started a tour with DJ Tomekk, that took two month. DJ Tomekk was very excited about their acapella-skillz. On their way through the scene they met a lot of artists, like Kay One, DJ Ramon, Joey Kelly, Bushido, Serani, Kurtis Blow and many more. Even Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz pushed the Mystery BrotherZ with a tweet, that helped them to grow their facebook-fanbase up to more than 7.500 people.

The Mystery BrotherZ published that video on the 2nd of february 2014, and already after three weeks this video noted more than 5.000 views und likes. On the 18th of April 2014 Romeo got in contact with the “We Love Wuppertal”-management and offered a free engagement for a charity event. There they became acquainted with their present and official manager, Marc Brinker. Marc Brinker, who stood in close contact with some popular artists, was planning a tour through the USA. On the 24th october 2014 the five brothers had an enthusiastic performance at “The Super Talent”-show and convinced the german media and audience. The successful story continues …

Why do the Mystery BrotherZ occur in schools ?

Since many years the Mystery BrotherZ are working for children and young people, who grow up or have been violated on the streets. In their hometown, they give free dance lessons for children and young people and support charity-events as often as possible. It is very important for the five brothers to exemplify the fun at music and dancing, and to convince each student, that, with music, many things are possible … without smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Music is the key to every child’s heart and for teenagers music the still the no. 1 in their freetime. In common with their manager the Mystery BrotherZ had the idea to organise a concert for school classes. This was transposed directly very successful, now also internationally.

The Band

Birthday: 8th of september
Sign: Virgin
Principle: “It can’t be done is simply not in my vocabulary”
Hobbyies: Fitness, Basketball, Soccer, Dancing and Music.
David grew up with music. His parents discovered his musical talent when he was around 8 years old. Just 3 years later David already played piano, guitar, drums and keyboard. At the age of 15 he played as a drummer for the first time in a band. With 19 David founded his own band where he could strengthen his musical and vocal abilities. In 2007, David and Ryan came together an started successfully their musical career. In Bulgaria their single “Sexy Girl” took the 2nd place at the local charts. In the following the brothers appeared on several events, including on the N-Joy stage in Osnabrück. In the year 2009 the five brothers started with street dancing and practiced synchron-dancing very intensive. In 2012 David and Ryan had the idea to found their group Mystery BrotherZ.MikeMike
Birthday: 30th of july
Sign: Lion
Principle: “No risk, No fun”
Hobbies: Musik, Dancing, Soccer, Basketball and Fitness.
No.1 Movie: 21 Jumpstreet
Mike idols are Tyga, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. Mike is the rapper and the tenor in the group. Already as a young boy he showed his dancing talent with his former dance-group frequently at many school appearances. In 2012 the brothers founded the group Mystery BrotherZ and started their career. Mike’s dream and target is to become popular and internationally successful.RyanRyan
Birthday: 2nd of june
Sign: Twins
Principle: “What does not kill you, will make you stronger!!”
Hobbies: Basketball, Soccer, Singing and Dancing.
Ryan plays a lot of instruments like guitar, drums and piano. Among the brothers Ryan is the producer of the group. In 2007 David and Ryan got together, started and succeed together musically. Their single “Sexy Girl” took the 2nd place in the local bulgarian charts. The brothers appeared on several events, including on the N – Joy stage in Osnabrück. In 2009 the five brothers began with streetdance and practiced diligently and determined in synchro-dancing. In the year 2012 David and Ryan had the idea to start a career as Mystery BrotherZ.ShaneShane
Birthday: 27th of february
Sign: Fish
Principle: “Never say Never”
Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Singing and Dancing.
At the age of 2 Shane already started drumming on the table. His talent showed very early that he only could become a musician. He creates music since a very long time and plays many instruments like guitar, piano and drums. He is also a dancer and orientates on his idols Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. Shane was born in Germany and came from the beautiful Emsland, where he grew up with his family. Shane’s dream and target is to celebrate an international success with his brothers.RomeoRomeo
Birthday: 21st of january
Sign: Aquarius
Principle: “Live You day as it would be Your last”
Hobbyies: Music, Dancing, Fitness and Cooking.
From an early age Romeo had a great talent in musically. At the age of 13 he already performed on stage for the very the first time. His brothers teached him in 2009 to play guitar. In the year 2011 he finished successfully a dance-education (focus: street dance). After that he offered very successful streetdance at schools as student-projects. In 2012 the five brothers started together with a boy band, under the name Mystery BrotherZ.


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